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Regulatory ESSENTIAL
Thailand - Machine Guarding

Modular information package with all the essential information for compliant products in your target market.
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Application: Thailand, Occupational Safety &Health Regulations, TLS 8001, TIS 18001
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Status: Published 2021-09-21 by Anette Dunkel-Reinboth and Torsten Sahm
Last change 2023-06-20 by Anette Dunkel-Reinboth: Legislation in force for this PCT, Machine safety and guarding
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Subject Areas of this Essential:

Machine safety and guarding

Analysis of regulatory requirements

Legislation in force for this PCT
here you will get a linked document in ROGER WILLCO
(only reachable with additional ROGER WILLCO licence)

Are legal provisions regulates the product compliance topic? If yes, what is the reference (title, number)?

Scope of legislation
This ESSENTIAL describes the regulatory requirements for machine guarding based on the specific Thai laws, as listed in section "Legislation in force for this PCT".'

Responsible actors
here you will get textual information

Which actor(s) are responsible for compliance with the legal provisions: e. g. - economic operators (manufacturer, importer, distributor, fulfilment service provider), - user (commercial/industrial/professional), - user (private, consumer)?

Exemption clauses
here you will get textual information

Exempted devices/products or industry sectors.

Sub-federal legislation of states/counties
here you will get textual information

E. g. by 2019 an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) on governance of the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) has been signed by Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

FTA/MRA status with EU
here you will get textual information

Has the country signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) or a Mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with EU?

here you will get textual information

Name of the authority for approval, registration, market surveillance and/or enforcement

here you will get related hyperlink(s)

Specific recommendations, information or most common mistakes

Route to compliance

Formal and administrative requirements

Equipment authorization (approval process)

Approval process (conformity assessment procedure)
here you will get textual information

Means each legally required approval process prior placing on the market, importation or putting into service

Conformance document(s) to show compliance to the authority
here you will get textual information

e. g. SDoC, technical documentation (for 10 years), filled-in approval forms (e. g. ACMA in AUT)

Which documents are required by an approval body?
here you will get textual information

e .g. formal application

Is a factory inspection legally required
here you will get textual information

Testing & Standards

General information to the application of standards
here you will get textual information

e. g. China: GB standards are mandatory, EU: harmonized standards shall be published in the OJEU with respect to "presumption of conformity"

Regulatory labelling, markings and user information

Regulatory label (mandatory)
here you will get textual information

e. g. product label

General Information:


Code, ContinentTHA, Asia
Economic AreaASEAN, APEC and RCEP member
Official LanguageThe official language is Thai.
Standard InstituteTISI = Thai Industrial Standards Institute
HS CodememberYes - since 1972

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