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Regulatory ESSENTIAL
Australia - RoHS

Modular information package with all the essential information for compliant products in your target market.
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Application: restricted hazardous chemicals
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Status: Published 2022-10-13 by Inken Green and Linda Kritzler
Last change 2022-10-13 by Inken Green: Hints, Dangerous substances (RoHS)
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Subject Areas of this Essential:

Dangerous substances (RoHS)

Analysis of regulatory requirements

Legislation in force for this PCT
here you will get textual information

Are legal provisions regulates the product compliance topic? If yes, what is the reference (title, number)?

Scope of legislation
The information about the regulation of banned and restricted chemicals can be viewed in 5 major national regulators, based on the chemical use, they are:
1. industrial chemicals – AICIS
2. national workplace health and safety (WHS) through Save Work Australia (SWA)
3. pesticides and veterinary medicines – Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA)
4. medicines and medicinal products – Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
5. food additives and contaminants – Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

The ESSENTIAL AUS REACH concentrates on industrial chemicals under AICIS. '

General Information:


Code, ContinentAUS, Australia
Economic AreaAPEC
Official LanguageAustralia does not have an official language, the main language of Australia is definitely ENGLISH. The written English used is closely related to the English of Britain, although there are a few differences in spelling.
Standard InstituteStandards Australia |
HS CodememberYes

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